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Home » Books » UNFILED 2: ReR Quarterly 0402 (magazine only)

UNFILED 2: ReR Quarterly 0402 (magazine only)
Magazine contains: Jon Rose: Stringsville, story of a jazz fake, First interview with Tod Dockstader (Chris Cutler) Ron Rice: Anti records and Conceptual records, an overview, Philip Tagg: From Refrain to Rave: The decline of figure and the rise of ground, Berry/Miller- Pogacar: Deconstruction to Decomposition, Soviet Necrorealism in the light of western theories of postmodernism, Q.R. Ghazala: Incantors and the practice of Circuit Bending, Chris Cutler: Scale Michael Gerzon: Beethoven, improvisation and C-20 Music, Alan Ravenstine: Deacon, Frank Key: The Administration of Lighthouses, Kersten Glandien: Too Long IgMUSICWORKS: Nored, Too Bad plus artwork by Peter Blegvad, Jane Colling, Bill Ellesworth and others.

Price: £15.00