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In the last 40 years we have released a lot of records. For the curious listener, interested in the roads less trodden, here are seven releases we thought, though not by ‘names’, were exceptional and broke new ground. Our 10th box offers you a set of unusual and very different musical ideas, exquisitely realized, nicely packaged and pleasingly inexpensive. With an extra free compatible surprise CD.  
8 exceptional CDs in a box for £45
Expected January 1, 2023.
AKI PELTONEN. Radio Banana  (2005)
Finnish composer and musician fuses bass, drums, accordion, radios and a latin brass section into an uncategoriseable, but coherent whole.
NIKOLA KODJBASHIA. Reveries of the Solitary Walker (2004)
Macedonian composer and pianist fuses lounge music, contemporary chamber music, Byzantine liturgy and Macedonian folk elements into a post-modernist version of difficult easy listening.
ERNO KIRALY Phoenix (1970-1990)
Serbian composer, performer, microtonalist and instrument builder showcases works for electrified zither and cimbalom, as well as experimental pieces for orchestra and various ensembles. Comprehensive documentation.
WHEN Black, White and Grey  (1988-90)
Norwegian musician and plunderphonicist makes five mixed-form landscapes for instruments, tapes and voices. Precision and depth.
ISTVAN MARTA The Wind Rises / Electroplainair / Sound Diary  (1987)
Hungarian composer. A single work that encompasses an extraordinary range of compositional styles, genres, instruments, field recordings and sound theatre. Also features Marta Sebastyen and Endere Szkarosi.
CMCD  Six Classic concrete, electroacoustic and electronic works (1970-1990)
East German Composers GEORG KATZER (Aide Memoire) and LUTZ GLANDIEN (Es Lebe), Czech composer JAROSLAV KRCEK, (Nightingale Sonata), British composer STEVE MOORE (A Quiet Gathering), Canadian Composer JOHN OSWALD (Parade) and American Composer RICHARD TRYTHALL (Ommagio a Gerry Lee Lewis). Innovative classics. Full documentation.
JOCELYN ROBERT Folie/Culture (1989)
Canadian composer and theorist’s uncategoriseable release of all manner of musical and unmusical sounds programmed to enrich the air, or in the right state, actively to listen to. Shockingly addictive.

Price: £45.00