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KOVAC, BORIS/New Ritual Group: The Path
KOVAC, BORIS/New Ritual Group: The Path
Whatís remarkable about Boris is that he has carved out a musical form that transcends genre or even musical content; itís a music of depth and feeling; and thatís what you hear beyond the notes or style. And he has gathered, over time, musicians who can realize that quality. This, for Boris, is a small group, only five people, so they can be looser, more personal than the larger ensembles. Though informed by chamber music, Serbian, Romanian and Hungarian folk music, and jazz, you canít file this record in any of those categories. Lyrical and ostensibly simple, these exquisitely coloured and beautifully recorded compositions float, occasionally changing density, but always solid enough to be clear about what they are. The drums are especially subtle in this regard, more touch than motor, but they make themselves expressive, even forceful, when they need to. For the rest, the music moves as a sinuous wave, the parts distinct but not separated. Itís autumnal, that I could say.

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