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EC NUDES, THE:  Vanishing Point
EC NUDES, THE: Vanishing Point
Heard now, this record captures presciently that point between pre-punk experimentalism and the high-energy, post-punk, devil-may-care spirit that was already on its way out in the early ‘90s. A touring trio, American singer and multi-instrumentalist Amy Denio, Swiss guitarist Wadi Gysi, drummer and lyricist Chris Cutler made only one recording, but they seem to have crammed everything they knew into it: complexity, simplicity, furious pace, lyricism, eccentric arrangements, strange sounds, rich orchestrations (lots of overdubbing) and some seat-of–the-pants soloing. Amy, previously employed by the Musak corporation; Wadi, professionally an untamed improviser and Cutler - with Henry Cow on one side and Pere Ubu on the other - locked themselves into a very intense period of rehearsal and then immediately committed everything to tape – which they handed to Bob Drake (then recently arrived) to mix. This album was the result – and it still captures the febrile atmosphere of breathless impatience that attended its making. [their uncouth version of O Pastor caused a minor scandal in Portugal at the time]. Heard now, it’s possible that age and events have even improved it.

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