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ART BEARS: Art Bears Revisited (dbl)
ART BEARS: Art Bears Revisited (dbl)
Prepared over six years for our 25th Anniversary, this is a collection of specially commissioned re-mixes, re-workings and (mostly) new pieces made from the Art Bears' multi-track masters by JOHN OSWALD, THE RESIDENTS, CHRISTIAN MARCLAY, FRED FRITH, CHRIS CUTLER, BIOTA, OTOMO YOSHIHIDE/GROUND ZERO, BOB DRAKE JON ROSE, OSSATURA, WARRIC SWINNEY/KALAHARI SURFERS, WHEN, THOMAS DIMUZIO, ANNIE GOSFIELD ROGER KLEIR,ANDREA ROCCA, VITOR RUA, JOCELYN ROBERT,MUSCI/ VENOSTA/ MARIANI, MASSIMO SIMONINI, HERB HEINZ. MARTIN ARCHER, YASUSHI UTSUNOMIYA, JON LEIDECKER/WOBBLY,STEVAN KOVACS TICKMAYER andBRIAN WOODBURY - an amazing catalogue of imagination and great music, digi-packed with a cover art by EM Thomas, who did all three original art bears covers and containing Art re-mixes in the booklet as well as comprehensive information. This double also contains Collapse from the Ralph Records single, All Hail from the Recommended Sampler and one previously unreleased and unfinished track completed by Fred Frith and Chris Cutler for this CD.

Code: ReRAB4/5
Price: £20.00