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Home » Guitar » WILLIAMS, DAVEY: Antenna Road

This is a record you won't find in your local shop. Davey, pataphysical revue alumnus, one of Fred Frith's invitees on the guitar solos project, quiet master of music and with nothing to prove, delivers a small masterpiece of a record that takes no prisoners but also grinds no axes (except the ones under his fingers). His own sleeve notes sum it up best; these are kernels, fragments, short-form miniatures that because of some strange essential quality fill time and memory. On various instruments (steel body guitars, slide guitar, electric sitar, electric guitar [between one and eleven at a time], acoustic guitar, bass, aluminium strip, electric screwdriver, e-bow - but always pared down, lucid, simple, unassuming) he lines up 30 short and very different pieces that occupy between 35 seconds and 2 minutes 59, but mostly averaging a minute, though it never seems so. And, different as they are, they follow one another and make longer seeming pieces. Some are quite abstract - though always catchy - many are fairly or very loaded with the Blues. A very welcome addition to the library.

Code: transmuseq18
Price: £14.50