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JOHN CAGE:Shock Vol 3
JOHN CAGE:Shock Vol 3
In October 1962 John Cage and David Tudor went to Japan to present a series of historic concerts. These are invaluable recordings, not least because they aren’t of selected repertoire reconsidered in tranquility but capture all the atmosphere of a time when all this was new and highly radical. Volume 3 contains John Cage’s 00’00” performed by himself; Michael Von Biel’s Composition II for 2 pianos (Toshi Ichiyanagi, David Tudor) and Toshi Ichiyanagi’s Music for piano #7 (Toshi Ichiyanagi, David Tudor). 00’00” is a variety of 4’33” but here Cage is up to something – there’s a lot of ambient sound activity going on for over 18 minutes – but of course we can’t watch. What’s left is a very hard core version of…something clattering and popping and scratching.. I’m sure Cage would have approved. The Biel piece is good in the episodic, disjointed aesthetic of the time - and there’s not much of his work available these days. Tudor seems to be dropping a lot of crockery during Toshi Ichiyanagi’s piece. Comes nicely packaged in a double-fold card sleeve with fine pictures, and notes. Japanese limited edition, expensive, but…

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