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COLLINS, NICK: Devil's Music (dbl CD)
The first 2 tracks on CD 1 reproduce 1985 LP that embodied one the key electronic performance pieces of the mid '80s. Devils Music uses only sounds captured in real time from a small radio, which are then processed on the spot through three primitive sample and hold boxes, fairly extensively customised by Nick with additional circuitry and controllers. A music snatched from the air (in quite small bites) and spontaneously formed into a jittery soundscape with rhythm but no beat, sonically concrete but structurally abstract. Loopish in essence but irregular and (for the most part) without the irritating quality that make most loops (to this ear) hateful. This is followed by another - and very different - radio-based piece The Spark heard around the World, commissioned in 1988 by New Radio and Performing arts and formed of a collage of all manner of radio fragments. This is my favourite piece: between station noise, call signs, police and CB traffic and layers of shortwave world radio, news, music, talk, complex blips and bleeps, distortion and spoken word. This is a classic work, that raises many questions about listening, structure, composition, originality, plunderphonia, intentionality, mmFor this track alone I'd buy the CD. CD2 Real Landscape A and B, originally released in 1988 is a compilation live Devils Music recordings from 7 1987 concerts. For these you need to like loops to enjoy. The CD also contains software written by Nick (PC and Mac) with which to generate your own Devil's music and a 4-minute grainy video extract of a performance in 1988.
Beautifully packaged In a threefold digipack with fold out insert and useful contemporary notes by Nick.L

Code: EM1086DCD
Price: £22.50