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WOOF: 7 Inches
WOOF: 7 Inches
This CD collects for the first time all four 7" releases on the Woof label - the rare-as-gold-dust EP 'I do, I do, I don't I don't', by Tim Hodgkinson and Bill Gilonis (who went on to found The Work) and the Work's own three track 'I hate America' - plus 3 bonus tracks, one unreleased. 'I do..' is extremely strange, a little as if the Residents had got mixed up with Throbbing Gristle in a Cronenburg movie, only stranger. The Work are fast and furious, meaty and still very impressive This is big stuff. Next up are the ep and single by The Lowest Note on the Organ (Andy Bole and 'Billy Rebel' with, amongst others, 'Sven Halo', Alig, all the members of The Work, Trefor Goronwy, Chris Grey, Ian Hill, Ted Barrow, Veronique Vincent, and Catherine Jauniaux; a veritable who's who for those who follow this Brit strand). Six tracks that combine rather stretched recording techniques with very open form. Instrumentals, and a song or two with... you just have to listen to it. Then there are 4 bonus Bole/Rebel tracks, more obviously tuneful including a 7 minute medley from Ramshackle Pier, perfectly formed. The finale is Bill Gilonis' 'Naiwabi' from the ReR Quarterly. All in a very attractive 6 panel digipack with 12pp booklet of data, photographs and documentation. Nice work.


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