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DALABA, LESLI: Timelines
DALABA, LESLI: Timelines
A rare release from this seldom cited and unique trumpeter, joined here by a glorious ensemble comprising harpist Zeena Parkins, violinist Carla Kihlstedt and Ikue Mori (electronics). With a guest appearance by singer Amy Denio. Timelines is a fairly abstract but highly disciplined work that models cosmic, animal and human histories. In the first piece we move from the birth of the sun to the present Ice Age; in the second from Dinosaurs and Mammals (via various mass extinctions); in the third from Homo Sapiens' appearance in Africa until 2000 years ago. Speech emerges only near the end. Lesli has supplied an annotated key to the time/music parallels which we will send with the copies of this CD so long as stocks last. It's otherwise pretty impossible to characterise the music, which is complex, open, multilinear, contemporary, transparent, directed and understatedly brilliant. Nicely packaged too. L

Code: TZ7713
Price: £5.00