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Home » Art Editions » MONAHAN, GORDON: Speaker Swinging (LP)

MONAHAN, GORDON: Speaker Swinging (LP)
Already part of the Sound Art canon. Speaker Swinging explores the Doppler effect by manually swinging several independent loudspeakers in large arcs in an acoustic space. The speakers emit minimal oscillator tones which foreground the pitch-shifting caused by their motion. Eerie and fascinating, and it tells you a lot about ear/brain sensitivity; you can really sense this motion as motion. It could not be simulated. Recorded for CBC in 1987. On the B side is Monahan's Long Aolian Piano - recordings of a construction made with 50ft piano wires strung into the wind and fixed at one end to an upright piano that acts as a sounding board. Double fold-out insert with diagrams, notes, credits and an interview with GM. Last copies, LP now out of print.

Code: GM002
Price: £18.00