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Home » Boxed Sets » HOMOSEXUALS, THE : Astral Glamour (3 CDs)

HOMOSEXUALS, THE : Astral Glamour (3 CDs)
One of the outstanding bands of the eighties who came and went with hardly anyone noticing and just 2 EP's and a single released on their own label. In 1982, ReR compiled an LP from the debris of the surviving tapes and that was that for 20 years. Now more or less everything that can be found has been collected together on these 3 CDs. The first two assemble the handful of releases issued by the band plus our own 1982 best-of LP, the 'Ici La Bas' album (the HS under other names), 'Venceremos' - a cassette release with some tracks by the group and various individual members, and various fragments - preliminary backing tracks and so on. The third CD features the work of the later group, mainly Bruno and Suzy. There is a 30pp booklet with some useful recovered photos, Bruno's version of the band history and notes on the tracks. Those of you for whom this is a must know who you are. You will need this release. Those who want to test the water first, I suggest you start with our single CD reissue of the ReR 1982 release.

Code: MSS204
Price: £20.00