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Home » Vinyl » KATZER, G/ Z. KRAUZE, J.KRCEK: Aide Memoire/Folk Music (vinyl)

KATZER, G/ Z. KRAUZE, J.KRCEK: Aide Memoire/Folk Music (vinyl)
'Aide Memoire'('Seven Nightmares From The Thousand Year Night') is a classic work. Commissioned by GDR Radio on the 30th Anniversary of Hitler's rise to power (to counter the nostalgia coming from West German TV and Radio at the time) it uses the treated voices of the old nazi leaders and other contemporary documentary materials in the construction of a musical and dramatic structure of hair-raising intensity. This is a major work, and unequivocally a political one. It comes with full English text and notes. 'Folk Music' is Breughelian chaos of decentred folk musics, about 100 melodies simultaneously played by autonomously organised sub- groups within the Polish Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra at the Warsaw Autumn 1972. 'Sonaty' is a concrete work based on a phonetic medieval text of nightingale songs. Two voices provide the source material, radically processed. Exquisite, clear and haunting. 16pp Book.

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