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Home » Piano » CASAVOLA, FRANCO: Futurismo Futurlieder

CASAVOLA, FRANCO: Futurismo Futurlieder
* 28 surviving and recovered pieces from one of the major futurist musicians, mostly for voice and piano, some for piano alone, written in the first 2/3rds of the 1920s. Charming short pieces (between 1 and 3 minutes) with texts that may be futuristic (not translated in the booklet) and music that is mostly (though not always - tracks 12 and 21) rather romantic (in the dreamy rather than the stormy sense) and hardly challenging. He's no Antheil (a contemporary), but it's a rare recording of one of the few, generally ignored, composers allied to the futurists, so informative. And not without its own merits. Useful sleeve-notes, though omitting texts and composition dates.

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