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CONVENTUM: A L'affut 'un Complot
A very welcome reissue of this seminal Quebequois ensemble, first released in 1977, a project of a tireless Andre Duchesne featuring himself, Rene Lussier and Jean-Pierre Bouchard (all manner of guitars and mandolins - and all of whom re-emerged later, electrified, in Les Quatre Guitaristes de L'Apocalpso-bar), Bernard Cormier and Charles Kaczynski (violin, viola, cello, metallophone), Michel Therrien (oboe, alto sax), Jacques Laurin (electric and contra bass) and Alain-Arthur Painchaud (texts, occasional speech). Two percussionists and 5 singers also appear as guests throughout. Andre is the main singer, and though many tracks are songs, the material is mainly instrumental. Highly orchestrated, beautifully executed and detailed writing mingles acoustic and electric languages, folklore, progressive rock and contemporary music (Bartok) in an uncategorieseable melange. They undoubtedly would have been inducted into RIO had that organisation survived longer. And many will remember them from the recommended sampler. This CD contains the entire first LP with 7 extra tracks taken from a live concert in 1977. Great and enduring compositions. Nicely repackaged with good notes in French and English. Essential L

Code: MPM12
Price: £14.50