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Home » Electronic, Tape, Concrete » DOCKSTADER, TOD/JAMES REICHERT: Omniphony

The legendary collaboration between a leading American Musique Concrete composer and an instrumental ensemble directed by James Reichert where, for I think the first and to date only time, there was full integration of the written, played and manipulated sounds. The instrumental parts were derived from Îcells' of concrete sound and in turn were electronically transformed (in Robert Moog's then state of the art studio), Then the whole mass of material was organised together. A true hybrid, and a one-off. Long out of print since it's appearance on vinyl in 1966. With two extra pieces by Tod Dockstader a new stereo version of No.7 (from the 1961 Î8 Electronic Pieces' and very late and very different - piece from 1990 which has never escaped his studio until now. A classic and a milestone in the evolution of electronic, mediated sound. L

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