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Home » Electroacoustic/Contemporary » SANGSTER, JOHN: Marinetti

Soundtrack to Albie Thoms' 1969 full length experimental movie (about a 1/3 of the audience left during the premiere) that in some ways was a distillation of a year or two of down-underground happenings and multi-media shows. This is the late '60s in a precious phial. Hard to imagine any other way in which such a sound document might have been preserved. But here it is in all its late sixties chaos, featuring a select gang of performers from Australian psychedelic and experimental bands, plus a great deal of captured sound, plunderphonia and unidentifiable racket. In three parts, it starts modestly with conversation (about Marinetti and the Futurists) half drowned out by playing and noise and snatches of... stuff ... layered over the top. Part 2 drops the Marinetti while still retaining a cacophony of speech fragments and a lot more noise, debris and improvisation. This is pretty great, but then comes part three, which is just a piled-up din of talking, pop snatches, animals, instruments and the kitchen sink. Beautifully mixed and full of rich swirling detail. You could listen to this a lot of times.

Code: SIR01CD
Price: £12.50