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THE CAPYBARAS: Stropicalia.
THE CAPYBARAS: Stropicalia.
The Capybaras are back with 12 new songs penned mostly by their leader and heart-throb Bing Selfish – still grouching about his runaway success at the golden globes – but in fine fettle, obviously - that stroppy in the title isn’t just a spelling aberration. In other news, Bob Drake has been flown in to hit things after the previous percussionist won the lottery and was able to buy his freedom. Hi Bob. And, as always, Bing sagely reflects on the issues of the day, gets his own back on his enemies and drives the band to ever-greater heights of height. Bing aficionados will eat more chocolate after hearing this CD and everybody else will become a Bing aficionado and live happily ever after.

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles)

Code: CAPY002
Price: £5.00