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KRAUZE, ZYGMUNT: Spatial Music
KRAUZE, ZYGMUNT: Spatial Music
Two archival pieces: Spatial-Musical Composition, 1968 and Fete Galante et Pastorale, 1974 - both by the experimental Polish composer Zygmunt Krauze. S-M C was first realised for Musikprotokol 74 in Graz, where 26 rooms were filled with sound played from 13 tapes in separate chambers, with 6 instrumental ensembles playing live music distributed around the space for 8 days without a break. The two versions here are studio realisations from the original tapes. The sound quality is acceptable, but not great. F G & P, however - a 20-minute instrumental studio work is easily worth the whole CD. A fascinating mixture of contemporary, folk and baroque elements played on a wide variety of generically incompatible instruments, it presents a charming and quietly radical smorgasbord of sounds and styles that fits precisely nowhere. This is the original 1974 recording. In a nicely designed package with somewhat confusing documentation.
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