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Home » Henry Cow &c » JAUNIAUX, CATHERINE: Fluvial

Recorded and released on the Woof label, this LP was a compositional collaboration between Tim Hodgkinson and Catherine Jauniaux. Guests included 2 other ex-Henry Cow members, Lindsay Cooper and Georgie Born, This Heat's Charles Bullen, The Work's Bill Gilonis and Furious Pig's Dominic Weeks. With very varied instrumentation, organised in small groups, these are mostly experimental pieces centred around the voice, which is extended in all dimensions, though largely avoiding conventional melody. That said, there is a tango, a song by Brecht and Dessau and a pair of Blake texts set by Tim that are more straightforward. The Dessau I liked a lot. References vary from contemporary music through ethnic, complexity through trance. The Blake songs are little epics with, to my ear, a faint art bears-without- the-beat flavour; they are also fully formed compositions that prefigure some of Tim's later work.

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