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CAGE, JOHN: John Cage
CAGE, JOHN: John Cage
CD reissue of the classic 1974 release by the Italian experimental label Cramps containing 4 excellent pieces: the exquisite Music for Marcel Duchamp (a very early classic for prepared piano, written for Hans Richter's Dreams that Money can Buy), Music for Amplified Toy Pianos (also featuring a revolver, glass, a tobacco tin, jew's harp, cardboard, newspaper, cymbals, keys and a music stand), the historic Radio Music (time capsule as well as a music piece), 4:33 (I believe the first recording) and Sixty two Mesostics Re Merce Cunningham, performed by the late great Demetrio Stratos. Walter Marchetti, Gianni-Emeilio Simonetti and Juan Hidalgo are the other performers. This is a very listenable and charming record, with an opinionated but informative 36pp booklet of original sleeve-notes which contextualises each piece and also includes a useful general biography. Digipack facsimile of original cover.

Code: edel0136582CRA
Price: £14.50