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Home » 60's, 70's, 80's landmarks » CAPTAIN BEEFHEART: Dust Sucker

Being the unreleased Bat Chain Puller LP (tracks came out on later LP's mostly in re-recorded versions with different personnel). I remember when this showed up at Virgin's A&R dept., we all thought it was the best thing since trout mask (and like TM was also recorded by Frank Zappa). Because of sordid and petty money and attorney dramas, it never saw the light of day; so it's great to see it out at last, not in the best reproductive condition but still extremely good. And the songs are stunning. Floppy Boot Stomp is one of the very great Beefheart songs, Owed t' Alex shows, like Veteran's Day Poppy, what a great original John French was, Harry Irene is so much more than it seems, Poop Hatch is scary, A Carrot· breathtaking, 1010th day and Apes-Ma ...prophetic - and so on. Trout Mask may have been the strangest but Batchain was the most rounded and complete of Beefheart's works - in my opinion, whatever all the other commentators have said. I certainly would not choose between them. In addition there are 7 extra tracks here, 5 of which are absolutely indispensable, being (though not credited here information on the CD is meagre to say the least the short-lived band consisting I'm almost certain of Elliot Ingber (Winged Eel), John French, Tom Fowler, Denny Walley and Eric Drew Feldman. The last two tracks, well, it would have been better to put them on another compilation. Don't miss this CD. L

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