ARTCOUSTICS. The stories told by record covers: With CD 'Modern Shit
Price: £30.00
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Limited Edition of 300 copies, this is a 500 page 16 x 20 cm. book containing 175 pages of colour pictures of LP sleeves from the '60s, '70s and '80s that the organisers- it was published by the international centre of graphic arts in Ljubjlana as the catalogue for a major exhibition - feel somehow captured the zeitgeist. With explicatory chronological texts that philosophise, deconstruct and attempt to justify their choices. There are also interviews with local iconic cover designers, meditations on vinyl and typography, notes on installing sound, sound art and spatiality, a brief chronology of key dates, and a bibliography. Useful because being Slovenian it includes materials from the east-block that are seldom seen. And its orientation is not predominantly Anglo-American . The accompanying CD is not related, but is a CD transcription of the impossibly rare cassette release 'Modern Shit', made in the early 1980s by Amos/ L.Voag/ Xentos (fray) Bentos/&c and Lepke B (who both went on to be It's War Boys, Milk From Cheltenham, the Just Measurers, &c.) which is is a continuous mix of all sorts of materials, many swiped from hopeful pop bands who recorded by day in the duo's 8-track studio in Brixton.


  ASHLEY, ROBERT & WALTER MARCHETTI: "Oct 25th, 2001. Merkin Concert Hall, NYC"
Price: £30.00
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Art Edition Double LP in gatefold sleeve. Edition of 300 copies. POST INCLUDED INSIDE EUROPE
In 2001 Thomas Buckner organised a series of concerts at the Merkin Hall in New York City, the idea was to have one contemporary classic composer invite to perform together. Side1 and 2 feature works by Marchetti, "Nei mari del sud', Musica in secca" and "de musicorum infelicitate. Side 3 includes Robert Ashley's "Yes, but is it Edible?" for piano and voice dedicated to Thomas Buckner who performs it here with the composer. Side 4 includes "Practical Anarchism", by Ashley and "Musica per un bicchiere non molto grande", by Marchetti, performed by Ashley. Limited edtion of 300 copies. Unheard and unseen at time of writing. ADD £ 7 shipping outside Europe. Sorry, blame the post authorities.

  AUDIO CULTURE: Ed. Christopher Cox and Daniel Warner
Price: £13.00
Quantity in Basket: none
450 packed pages of source materials covering Noise, Sound, Silence, Modes of listening, Experimental music, Improvisation, Minimalism, DJ Culture and, Electronica, featuring (amongst some 50 contributors) Attali, Russolo, Feldman, Varese, Moholy-Nagy, Cowell, Cage, Cardew, Stockhausen, Rzewski, Olivieros, Burroughs, McLuhan, Eisler, Adorno, Marclay, Brian Eno, Glenn Gould, Chris Cutler, John Oswald, John Zorn, Anthony Braxton, George Lewis, Derek Bailey, Tony Conrad, Michael Nyman and Susan McClary -an essential collection, very well edited.Because of weight please add £1 to UK orders, £2 to European and £4 for world. Sorry.

  BASCHET, FRANCOIS: Les Structures Sonores. With Free CD
Price: £16.00
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The Baschet brothers produced families of exquisite sculptures, starting in 1954, which were designed to be played as instruments - exquisite and exotic instruments whose sounds recall Partch, Analogue synthesisers, the Ondes Martinot, Fred Frith and otherworldly atmospheres impossible to produce except through this specific acoustic concatenation of materials and shapes. In this book their history, the principles of their design, the theory of sound that informed them and a fascinating anecdotal history of their careers and the careers of their designers in many countries and in collaboration with Cocteau, Varese, Schaeffer, Shankar, Cage, Tudor, Menuhin and Takemitusu (who has a piece for the instruments on the CD) are covered, along with 100Õs of photographs and design drawings and a clear meditation on acoustic principles and sonic theory. Another indispensable addition to every library. And not even expensive.

Weight means we have to add postage to this - sorry £3.00 UK, £4.00 Europe, £6.00 World.

  BOSETTI, ALESSANDRO: African Feedback (book +CD)
Price: £14.50
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64pp A5 flatbound booklet with CD. The book consists of interviews made in small villages in Burkino Faso. Bosetti plays noise/music (Derek Bailey, Hugh Davis, Berio, Parch, Messaien, Yoshihide, Lucier, Chion, Parmegiani &c.) individually (via headphones) to people of all ages - who have never heard anything remotely like this before - and asks them first what they hear - eliciting the most extraordinary, elaborate, graphic and mystifying responses - and then what they make of it: whether it's music and what music is, &c. This is deep matter and the answers are sometimes luminous and always fascinating. It's rare to escape so completely from our own cultural frames of reference, and instructive how possible it is, notwithstanding, to approach and share experiences and concepts on the apparently fragile ground of language (even when that ground is compromised through interpretation). What is common as well as what is alien is made manifest and, above all, a kind of mental hospitality that seems hardwired is revealed. Bosetti is very sharp and accurate in his accompanying footnotes and doesn't mythologize or idealise. He is perfectly aware of his inescapable role as outsider and of the quasi parasitical relationship between white strangers like himself - neither tourists nor administrators -and indigents who know and will supply - for complex sets of motives - what they think is wanted of them. Many levels of information and of misunderstanding are at play here and they shift and elide as you read. Each short interview is accompanied by photographs of the people or the locality and a list of the specific music played. The CD is gripping - it's worth buying the book for alone. Made of the voices and vocal sounds of the questionees, imitations and musical sounds (Western and local) and the proximate soundscape - variously raw and processed - and brilliantly organised into a form that is like nothing I have heard before. I can't recommend it too strongly. But that's me.

Price: £22.00
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Essential collection of Cardew's published writings, with commentaries and responses from many hands, including Richard Barrett, John Tilbury, Howard Skempton, Michael Nyman, Christan Wolff, Dave Smith, Eddie Prevost and others. Includes the legendary and long out of print book 'Stockhausen serves Imperialism', the legendary Treatise Handbook, writings about Cage, La Monte Young, Morton Feldman, Nuova Consonanza, The American School, Yoko Ono, Frederick Rzewski, The Scratch Orchestra (including the celebrated draft constitution) and many other pieces spanning the period 1951-1980, along with interviews, notes and introductions to his own works. An indispensable source for one of the key figures of British experimental music in the second half of the C20. 390pp, photographs.

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  DAVIES, HUGH: Sounds Heard - with Free CD
Price: £16.00
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An immensely useful book by one of the UKÕs early experimenters and pioneers in sound art, and a working authority in the field. This book collects much of his own writing on environmental listening, musical history, improvisation and indeterminacy, new instruments, audio art and installations and includes project descriptions and workbooks. 124 pp, with pictures and photographs. The CD contains a great collection of early plunderphonia, installation recordings, pieces for invented instruments and sound sculptures, musical boxes and found instruments (buzzers, dot matrix printers, eggslicers, tin can and fishing line &c). An important contribution to the field.

ADD £2.00 postage Europe, £3.50 rest of world - sorry: weight

  DUBUFFET, JEAN: Experiences Musicales Book + CD
Price: £25.00
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232pp book in French, lavishly illustrated. Born in 1901 Jean Dubuffet studied painting, gave it up to become a wine merchant. Then in 1943 he became a full time artist, working in various media, including what we would now call installations, in a style often referred to as Art Brut ( now associated with the art of children, the mentally ill, or naifs) - a term coined by Dubuffet himself, though not to describe his own work but that of outsiders who had no stake in the artworld, and who eschewed representation, working from their own individuality rather than fashion or cultural conditioning. In 1960 he began, with a tape recorder, at home, to make improvised music, with all manner of instruments (formal or conventional expertise was not an issue) with Danish painter Asger Jorn. The CD that accompanies this book collects a selection of their improvisations - on various instruments - that are abstract, sometimes rhythmical, always focused and, somehow, visual - like Pollocks or Twombleys they pullulate with a diffuse Brownian motion. They also express a kind of serenity - gentle charm - without ever being less than extremely radical, especially considering when they were made. All the pieces here are dated 1961, with one late work from 1978. The book, 16.5 x 24 cm, 232 pages is in French and lavishly illustrated with photographs, facsimile documents, drawings, paintings, sculptures, stage-sets and photographs (18 in colour), as well as articles and interviews covering all the facets of Dubuffest musical involvements and experiments, including his 'animated painting performance' Coucou Bazar (with original music by Ilhan Mimaroglu). Very nicely produced, well laid out (wide spaced text) and thorough, it also has a complete annotation of the tapes, a discography and a short biography and bibliography.

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  DUFRENE, FRANCOIS: Catalogue plus CD
Price: £32.00
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A key post-war artist, deeply involved with the New Realism, the Lettrists, the Ultra-lettrists and the still mostly neglected Sound Poets, Dufréne. Like his friends Hain, de la Villeigle and Rotella he is probably most famous for his work with posters torn from walls and manipulated (he worked with the reverse sides). His work (indeed all of the work at this time) with tape recorders, pre-recorded sounds and sound poetry is less known, and every newly released artefact is useful. This CD has a good representative selection. It's hardly poetry in any sense of the word in everyday use; in some pieces classical music pounds while distorted roaring, howls, squeals, overtones and feral noise accompany it, elsewhere Dufréne duets with Chico Hamilton, and with himself, neither of him sounding particularly human. Once or twice he sounds almost normal. Otherwise, this is a substantial catalogue from a comprehensive 2007 retrospective exhibition in Portugal, 250 19 x27 cm. pages, beautifully produced, filled with high quality colour prints of his found and manipulated poster work, drawings, elaborate illustrated writings, paintings and objects, as well as photographs, a discography, a filmography, biography, bibliography, exhibition calendar and list of works. In Portuguese, French and English.

  Earshot 5: The Journal of the UK and Ireland Soundscape Community.
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78pp A5 flat-bound magazine with excellent articles about auscultation (medical listening) and touch; night listening, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena - 'spirit voices' found on recordings) as well as essays on sound mapping cities, Dartmoor's bells, sonic shock and the unconscious (1890-1990) and other topics.
The first 10 pieces on the accompanying CD accompany the essay on Dartmoor's Bells, the remaining 17 feature 'disappearing soundmarks'. A soundmark is the sonic analogue of a landmark; a sound of significance and importance to a given community in a given locality. Not available commercially.

  GAL, BERNHARD: Installations
Price: £16.50
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From the excellent Kehrer series, this an 80pp hardback, full colour, art book with CD by, and about, Austrian sound artist Bernhard Gal. The CD is composed as a self-contained, continuous piece, but track marks find and play those sections related to each installation. Materials are electronic sounds, voices, billiard balls, dot matrix printer, pure tones, kettles and other domestic appliances, spy recordings (in checked baggage), a phone quartet, ring-tones and environmental sound. 18 works are featured in the book, some with architect Yumi Kori, as well as an interview with Gal, a biography, an exhibition list and sonography.--- ADD £2.50 postage Europe, £4.50 rest of world - sorry: weight.

  GOTTSTEIN, BJORN: Musik als Ars Scientia. Die Edgar Varèse gastprofessoren des daad an der Tu
Price: £22.00
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Bilingual (English - German) documentation of the works and research highlights of the first ten "Edgard Varèse" visiting professors at TU Berlin: Travis Pope, Diemer de Vries, Gerhard Eckel, David Behrman, Gottfried Michael Koenig, Hans Tutschku, Trevor Wishart, Alberto de Campo, Daniel Teruggi and Kees Tazelaar. The book deals with the projects undertaken, each dealt with in a technical way with pictures and diagrams and mainly concerned with software design, speaker programming, interactivity, compositional methodology and occasionally aesthetics. Each has a different angle. There is an excellent CD with works by Daniel Teruggi , Hans Tutschku, Kees Tazelaar, Trevor Wishart and GM Koenig - this last particularly interesting, in that it is an orchestral score, played by an orchestra, but generated by a computer programme. It is not a crude systems piece or a random confection but has real subtlety and coherence. This is a rather specialised, but beautifully produced, hardback printed on fine paper, that flies under just about every public radar. It won't be in your local bookshop. But for those really interested in this field, a gem.

  HESS, FELIX : One of the essential Kehrer Soundart series.
Price: £22.00
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128 pp expanded A5 size hardback with a CD. The first compressive artist monogrph on Felix Hess, Dutch physicist turned sound artist. Texts in German and English. Many pictures, mostly in colour. Articles by and about Hess, interviews, a biography and exhibition/performance history.

ADD £4 postage Europe, £7 rest of world - sorry: weight.

Price: £14.00
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From the great series of Soundart publications.

  KUBISCH, CHRISTINA: Klangraumlichtzeit
Price: £22.00
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One of the essential Kehrer Soundart series.134 pp shortened A4 size hardback with a CD. A comprehensive document of Christina's work between 1980-2000, with facing texts in German and English and many pictures (mostly in colour). Kubisch is one of the first generation of German sound artists and this excellent art book is a good introduction to her work.

ADD £4 postage Europe, £7 rest of world - sorry: weight

Price: £22.00
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From the great series of Soundart publications.

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  KUHN, HANS PETER: Odense CD & Book
Price: £27.00
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Slightly larger than A4 sized, hardback, full colour 144 page art book with CD. Parallel text in English and German. This art publication documents Kuhn's sound and light installations at various sites in Odense, lavishly illustrated, with articles on Kuhn's work by Thorsten Thadowsky and Helga De La Motte-Haber; dramatic pictures and commentary on many of Kuhn's other recent installations by Markus Steffen; a historical and theoretical article on 'acoustic atmospheres' by Gernot Bohme and an artist's biography and catalogue of works. The CD contains three very abstract electronic sound pieces Kuhn wrote for dance. Serious weight means we have to add postage to this - sorry 3.00 UK, 4.50 Europe, 8.5 World. Blame the postal services! That's the cheapest...

Price: £26.00
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A large format 160 page full colour Phaidon Art book that summarises Marclay's visual work to date, as well as documenting much of his musical work. Accompanying texts: Christian interviewed by Kim Gordon, a detailed survey of his visual work, a close reading of his extraordinary Video Quartet, a meta interview assembled by Marclay himself from many other interviews, a Blaise Cedrars text selected by him and a pretty thorough chronology and bibliography. And a lot of pictures of his installations, objects, video works, photographs, and site work. Much needed compendium of a quietly substantial artist.

Weight means we have to add postage to this - sorry £3.00 UK, £4.00 Europe, £6.00 World.

  MENTER, WILL: Bits of wood (book + CD)
Price: £17.75
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128pp 20cm x 20 cm full colour book of photographs of wood - in its natural habitat, raw and manipulated, but mostly formed into artworks, installations and instruments by sculptor/musician Menter. There is also a handful of pages of accompanying text - an artist's statement expounding a particular way of being in the world and hence an approach to making work - and a CD of wood sculptures and instruments played variously by the wind, people and chance, as well as a few compositions assembled by Will for this CD. The first monograph on this consistent and serious artist.

Price: £14.00
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From the great series of Soundart publications.

Price: £22.00
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48 pp hardback artist monograph, thoroughly illustrated. In English and German.

  MUSICWORKS: 100 (CD+Magazine)
Price: £9.00
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30th Anniversary Issue of this important Canadian artmusic magazine.In the Magazine: Dianne Labrosse; John Cage and MArcel Duchamp; an interesting interview with Jem Finer including an overview of his recent work; an article about spatialisation in performance, and the usual reviews and essays.On the CD: Diane Labrrosse - great pieces, with Bernard Falaise, or Jean Derome and Pierre Tanguay, or Michel F.Cote. Six pieces by Jem Finer, one, rich and deep, for modified banjo, one for cosmic radio signals blasted in a confined space at excessively high volume, 'Longplayer' - an extract from his much cited and very persuasive 1000-year long piece of suspended pitches, and bells; and three time- and site- specific recordings of an installation based on falling water and underground resonant chambers (all dealt with at length in the magazine); Jordan Nobles offers a recording of a spatialised performance piece (in the Henry Brant sense of groups and individuals distributed in space around the public, but with a Xenakis-like relation to chaotic dispersion) that moves from pointillistic to very dense. Mitchell Akiyama montages performance and field recordings, mostly rather somnolent and drone-y, finally, Tasman Richardson's Fantasycore is a short pluderpiece of beats and loops that seems rather pointless to me. Overall, however, an excellent CD and worth the price of the whole.

  NICOLAI, CARSTEN: Static Fades
Price: £25.00
Quantity in Basket: none
158 page large 24 x 29 cm monograph art book, filled with photographic (mostly in colour) documentation of installations, light and sound sculptures and some drawings, representing a conspectus of 10 years of East German sound artist Carsten Nicolai's work, published in conjunction with the artist's first major solo exhibition in Switzerland, With explanatory and descriptive notes by Nicolai and short essays in German and English by curators, academics and critics. Includes a full biography, discography and bibliography of selected publications. Definitive.

Weight means we have to add postage to this  sorry: £3.00 UK, £4.00 Europe, £6.00 World

  NITSCH, HERMANN : Die Musik des 6-Tage-Spiel (51 CD, 3 books. Box)
Price: £230.00
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(It's close to 4 kilos and the price includes postage)

Compete documentation in a black hand-made box, signed and numbered by Hermann Nitsch. This is the legendary documentation of Aktion Nr. 100 or "Das 6-Tage-Spiel des Orgien Mysterien Theaters, mastered from the original recordings made at Prinzendorf Castle during the epic 6 days of the 100th Aktion (3-9 August 1998). More than 48 hours of massive, monumental sound, featuring 4 orchestra groups, a substantial percussion ensemble, bells, two folkmusic/festival bands, an amplified synthesiser and a 100 voice choir. We are not fooling around here. I've only got as far as CD (26) and so far it's pretty stunning. Like a soap opera - so much time to develop and change the material. Lots of simultaneous events, lots of fascinating, long sections of bells, dissonances and mysterious harmonies. One great CD a day would last you close to two months. And this is an artwork. 20 years from now it'll be your pension. The package also includes the complete documentation of the Aktion, consisting of 3 full-size printed books (cm.21x15) with the reproduction of the full score - including star maps, drawings, paintings, formulae and graphics: Volume One, 720 pages; Volume Two, 432 pages; Volume Three, 464 pages - plus the original program given to the audience taking part in the aktion (20 full-colour pages, cm. 21x15), plus the original full-colour folded poster of the Aktion (size cm. 84x58) and a 20 page booklet (12 x 12), numbered and signed by Nitsch, including the essay "The O.M. Theatre's Music", as well as liner notes and technical information (in German). Privately issued by Atelier Nitsch, 2005. It may seem expensive, but this is an artwork, and seen in those terms, remarkably cheap.

Price: £19.00
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20th Anniversary edition of the international art magazine. 40pp lavishly illustrated in colour which is dedicated to CM and his work. Also featured: Gillian Wearing and Wilhelm Sasnal. Plus the rest of the Magazine of course. Ephemeral publication so the interested few should snap it up now.

Weight means we have to add postage to this - sorry £3.00 UK, £4.00 Europe, £6.00 World.

  PARTCH, HARRY: Enclosure 3
Price: £57.00
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A massive 528 page hardback art-book 21x29cm. A portrait chronicle of Partch's life and work compiled from original documents, here reproduced. Includes over 300 photographs by HP and others, reproductions of HP's writings and letters - a mass of important material (corres. inc. Anais Nin, John Cage, W.B. Yeats, Martha Graham, etc), lectures, drawings, reviews, sketches...A remarkable and beautifully made artefact. Limited edition of 800 copies .Sorry but we have to add Postage Cost for this 2.4 Kilo book . UK, £ 9 , Europe £ 13 : Rest of the world: £ 25. That's their best scale.

  RESONANCE: Magazine and CD
Price: £7.50
Quantity in Basket: none
Special edition of the magazine devoted to radio art. Articles by David Grubbs, Martin Spinelli, Toshimaru Nakamura, Christopher De Laurenti, John Dreever and Steve Beresford, On The CD pieces by Elsa Justel (prizewinner), John Wynne, Christopher De Laurenti, Walter Ruttman (his classic 1930 'Weekend'), Ergo Phizmiz, Sherre DeLys, (from ABC's great experimental radio series), David Grubbs, The Radio Stars (simple but effective), Eric La Casa (complicated but gripping), The BBC's Piers Ploughwright and Alan Hall (along with Eric La Casa, the outstanding piece) and the legendary Georges Perec.

  RESONANZEN: Aspects of Sound Art
Price: £22.00
Quantity in Basket: none
One of the essential Kehrer Soundart series.176 pp expanded A5 size hardback with a CD. Text in German and English. Artists and their works, with essays by Bernd Schulz, Helga de la Motte, Robin Minard, Michael Glasmeier and Andres Brossard. And a collection of artists and their works, many colour photographs, featuring Andres Brossard, Rolf Julius, Bernrad Leitner, Christina Kubisch, Paul de Marisnis, Steve Roden, Miki Yu, Andreas Oldörp, Ed Osborn, Erwin Stahe and Martin Riches. The CD contains pieces by each. With Artist Biographies.

ADD £2.50 postage Europe, £4.50 rest of world - sorry: weight

  SOUND ART: Magazine and CD
Price: £8.00
Quantity in Basket: none
Limited Edition catalogue publication: a 25 x 13cm 80pp booklet (nicely presented with printed elastic bands to attach the CD) with articles, photographs and interviews printed to accompany 5 installations in London in the summer of 2005 . Interesting to me are the interviews with Christian Marclay, Michael Von Hausswolff, John Wynne, Michael Schumacher and the articles about spirit recordings by Thibaut de Ruyter and 'Blind Sound' by Daniela Cascella. There are other articles and an interview with Carsten Nikolai. There's also a CD containing works by Doug Henderson (my favourite), Michael Schumacher, Michael Von Hausswolff, Brandon Labelle, Farmersmanual and Keiko Uenishi. Prices higher for some territories because of weight. Sorry. [£8 Europe/£9 Elsewhere]

  SUN RA: The Wisdom of Sun Ra: Sun Ra's Polemical Broadsheets and Streetcorner Leaflets. Edited by Jo
Price: £11.00
Quantity in Basket: none
144 pp with 56 color plates. 17.5 cm x 24 Paperback.While in Chicago in the mid-1950s, Sun Ra preached on street corners and occasionally created scripts to accompany his lectures-intricate texts that invoke science fiction, Biblical prophecy, etymology, and black nationalism. Until now, the only broadsheet known to exist was one given to John Coltrane in 1956. Now John Corbett and Anthony Elms have assembled a substantial collection of these early writings. Reproduced in facsimile, with Ra's handwritten notes and afterthoughts - with parallel transcription in print. Corbett contextualises and outlines Ras ideas in his introduction. Invaluable and historic documents, not merely about Ra but about the cultural climate in the 'progressive' black community in Chicago in the 50's.

  TAYLOR, HOLLIS: Post Impressions
Price: £21.00
Quantity in Basket: none
DVD with 244 pp17.5 x 25 cm paperback book. 88 colour plates.
Violinists JON ROSE and HOLLIS TAYLOR travel 25,000 miles playing (and documenting) the Great fences of Australia, including the now famous Rabbit-Proof Fence and the 3300-mile-long Dingo Fence. They meet, amongst others, a flying priest, an auctioneer, an aboriginal gum leaf virtuoso, Central Australia's first piano, a singing dingo and various fence runners, and survive a plague of flies, a flea infestation, various deadly snakes, crocodiles, heatstroke, floods, storms and bush fires. This travelogue lets you trot safely alongside and includes a substantial and exhaustive DVD documenting 40 outback fenceDUBUFFETperformances, colour photos, fence music and birdsong transcriptions. Remarkable.


  TONE, YASUNAO: Noise Media Language (book + CD)
Price: £17.00
Quantity in Basket: none
Monograph on one of the central figures in early Japanese sound/art and founding member of the improvisational group Ongaku (1960) who explored conceptual art, happenings and, noise performance, and later mutated into Tokyo Fluxus. He moved to New York in 1972 and has experimented with indeterminate compositional techniques, complicated games, electronics and damaged media in art, dance (Merce Cunningham) and gallery contexts. The book, 118pp 21 cm x 25 cm seriously explores and expounds Tone's work and career through a substantial interview with Tone himself and essays by various hands including Robert Ashley, Hans Ulrich Obricht and Achim Wollsheid, that cover his early and subsequent work, aesthetic evolution, performance practice, relation to noise, sonic calligraphy and C20 avant garde art movements - liberally Illustrated with visual scores, photographs and selected documents. The CD features 7 performances - for glissando ensemble, flute and computer, electronics, 'wounded' CD remixes, small ensembles and electronics - all dating from the '80s and '90s, except 'Anagram for Strings' (1961). This will be indispensable for students of the growth of noise-experiment and fluxart from the late '50s, and is a comprehensive study of this important historical actor.

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