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  ASHLEY, ROBERT & WALTER MARCHETTI: "Oct 25th, 2001. Merkin Concert Hall, NYC"
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Art Edition Double LP in gatefold sleeve. Edition of 300 copies. POST INCLUDED INSIDE EUROPE
In 2001 Thomas Buckner organised a series of concerts at the Merkin Hall in New York City, the idea was to have one contemporary classic composer invite to perform together. Side1 and 2 feature works by Marchetti, "Nei mari del sud', Musica in secca" and "de musicorum infelicitate. Side 3 includes Robert Ashley's "Yes, but is it Edible?" for piano and voice dedicated to Thomas Buckner who performs it here with the composer. Side 4 includes "Practical Anarchism", by Ashley and "Musica per un bicchiere non molto grande", by Marchetti, performed by Ashley. Limited edtion of 300 copies. Unheard and unseen at time of writing. ADD £ 7 shipping outside Europe. Sorry, blame the post authorities.

  ASHLEY, ROBERT: The Wolfman
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The legendary 1964 piece for amplified voice and tape. A landmark in the history of electronics and performance art. One side disc. Collectible I guess. A few copies only. While stocks last.

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Limited, numbered exhibition edition of 186 one-sided heavy gauge LPs with image on second side together with a single locked groove. Minimal sounds of transducers connected to turntables contacting strings; pulses, clicks.THIS IS A VINYL RELEASE

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From 1964 to 1974 Henri Chopin edited and released a magazine dedicated to sound poetry, and with each included a record. This extraordinary box collects the works on all those records. For the most part we are not listening to familiar voices speaking or making noises: this was the age of the tape recorder and people were using tape, microphones, overload, distortion, environmental recordings, noise, overdubs - anything at all to make sound objects to tape; the voice as the centre but mostly not recognisable any more as a voice. There are some here who speak, or make sounds, repeat words - even tell stories, but the rest is in the world of musique concrete. Contributors include Henry Chopin himself, never less than extraordinary, Bryin Gysin, Charles Amirikhanian, Ake Hodell. Bernard Hedsieck, Ladislav Novak, Arthur Rimbaud, Bob Cobbing, Hugh Davies, Francois Dufrene, William Burroughs, Raoul Hausmann, Mimmo Rotella, Paul DeVree, Gil J Wolman and Emil Begt Johnson. The deep LP-sized box comes with a 70pp flatbound book, full of texts in English and French by Chopin - about the magazine, with details of each issue; photographs, other texts, manifestos and notes on the works (less complete than I'd like, no dates and places of recording usually, and not much about method). Then there is a half inch thick stack of single and LP gatefold size sheets with graphic texts, scores, visual poems, concert flyers, programmes and exhibition notes. It's a much needed record of material seldom heard and mostly ignored in other collections. For students, the curious and the adventurous. Limited Edition of 1000.Because of weight there will; be a 2 surcharge toward postage outside Europe.

  DE MARINIS, PAUL: The Edison Effect
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From the legendary Apollohuis, this is a remarkable collection of experiments with technology, all centred on cylinder and 78rpm recordings, mostly early (including the very earliest) sound recordings read by laser technology and manipulated in numerous ways to bring out some aspect of the meaning, the cultural context or the technology, including stretching, layering, substitution (a fascinating transcription of a 1915 piano recording that presents the original, then as replicated by midi files and replayed on a digital piano and a glass harmonica, then electronically 'corrected' for pitch and performing mistakes, the corrected version re-recorded and played back on a new cylinder). Ancient Linguaphone recordings, Chinese 78s, a clay pot read by laser.. It's a CD of investigative experiments. 3-fold colour digipack with an with an excellent, thorough and stimulating 24pp booklet and useful photographs. Limited art edition of 1000.

  DUFRENE, FRANCOIS: Oeuvre Désintégrale. 4LP boxset
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A key post war artist, deeply involved with the New Realism, the Lettrists, Ultra-lettrists and the still mostly neglected Sound Poets. Like his friends Hain, de la Villeigle and Mimmo Rotella he is probably most famous for his work with posters torn from walls and manipulated (he worked with the reverse sides). His work (all of the work at this time) with tape recorders, pre-recorded sounds and sound poetry is less known, and every newly released artefact is useful. This 4 LP set collects a lot of it. These are works - as he insists - made directly with the tape recorder, they are not documents of live performances. Made between 1958 and 1970 these are key works in the field from the period of greatest innovation. Essential for anyone interested in the genre, or the cultural ferment of the period. Limited art edition of 345 copies. The last few.

  HANSEN, AL: Joseph Beuys Stuka Divebomber and other stories. Limited Edition LP
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Four Fluxus documents, 38 minutes total. The title piece (human voice soundtrack of stuka attack) and a balloon piece (squeaks, ululations and bangs, with a bemused/amused public and mike overloads) both date from 1987. The later Car Bibbe (car horn chaos, with public and dogs) was recorded in 1989 as was The Futuristic Chatanooga Choo Choo in the Mongolian Desert (Guitar and voices). Comes on translucent blue vinyl and in a very limited art edition. Collectors and Libraries. Short Supply

  JULIUS, ROLF: Music for a Garden
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In the series, this is a sound-work made for a permanent garden installation at the mattress factory in Pennsylvania. The classic Julius forest of small sounds, various articulated; atmospheres and shifting colours. Meticulous. All white with foldout insert with drawings and some text by RJ. Art Edition.

  KRIWET, FERDINAND: Hortexte (3 Picture LPs, Book, Box)
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This very substantial box contains six radio works on three LPs, each with an exquisite and intricate text-art design taking up an entire side (there are no labels). The designs are directly associated with the LP content and explained in the booklet. They are exquisite. The set comes in a sturdy box along with an explanatory booklet. The six horspiel are taken from a series made for the most part between 1969 and 1975 - there is one later work from 1983. All this radio is about radio. All the sounds are sourced from radio broadcasts around the world, and explore single events or topics. The first. 'Apollo Amerika', is about the1969 space mission; the second, 'Campaign', treats the 1973 US election; the third and fourth 'Radioball' and 'Ball' ( mostly in German - the rest are mainly in English) celebrate radio football (the purely visual as the purely aural); the fifth 'Voice of America' speaks for itself; and the last, 'Radio' tunes into radio in general. These are all excellent and quite unique productions and work on many levels; few other horspiel are so purely plunderphonic. These are artworks in every sense, and highly recommended. The price takes into account heavy costs of shipping.
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  MARCLAY, CHRISTIAN: Ghost (I don't live today) (Vinyl)
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A tribute to Jimmy Hendrix by Marclay, recorded at The Kitchen in New York in 1985 with his Phonoguitar- a modified turntable that slung around his neck - allowing him to emulate Jimi's moves and to use movement-controlled amplifier/guitar feedbacks. Only Jimi's records were used. Limited number pressing, produced for an exhibition in Geneva. One sided LP in printed cardboard sleeve.
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Limited Edition release of the soundtrack to Marclay's eponymous video in which an electric guitar is plugged into a dynamo driven amplifier, turned up, tied to the back of a pick-up truck and dragged screaming and roaring over a rough dirt track in rural Texas.

  MOORMAN, CHARLOTTE: Cello Anthology (4 CD box and book)
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An Alga Marghen box with 154 page book and a lot of original documents, including full colour original posters and programmes from the New York Avant Garde Fesival, which Moorman organised between 1963 &1980. Her work with Nam Jun Paik has rather overshadowed the rest of her career so this collection re-inserts her in the heart of the New Music activities of the time. There are performances of works by Cage, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Guisppe Chiari, Earle Brown, Sylvano Busotti, Stockhausen (+ robot) and others, a choral work performed by Paik, Ben Patterson, Philip Corner, Malcolm Goldstein and Jackson Mac Low, and of course collaborations with Nan Jun Paik (one with a tape collage made by Ornette Coleman, apparently). There is also a long interview with Moorman. Last few copies of a Limited Edition of 500 copies.

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  NITSCH, HERMANN : Die Musik des 6-Tage-Spiel (51 CD, 3 books. Box)
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(It's close to 4 kilos and the price includes postage)

Compete documentation in a black hand-made box, signed and numbered by Hermann Nitsch. This is the legendary documentation of Aktion Nr. 100 or "Das 6-Tage-Spiel des Orgien Mysterien Theaters, mastered from the original recordings made at Prinzendorf Castle during the epic 6 days of the 100th Aktion (3-9 August 1998). More than 48 hours of massive, monumental sound, featuring 4 orchestra groups, a substantial percussion ensemble, bells, two folkmusic/festival bands, an amplified synthesiser and a 100 voice choir. We are not fooling around here. I've only got as far as CD (26) and so far it's pretty stunning. Like a soap opera - so much time to develop and change the material. Lots of simultaneous events, lots of fascinating, long sections of bells, dissonances and mysterious harmonies. One great CD a day would last you close to two months. And this is an artwork. 20 years from now it'll be your pension. The package also includes the complete documentation of the Aktion, consisting of 3 full-size printed books (cm.21x15) with the reproduction of the full score - including star maps, drawings, paintings, formulae and graphics: Volume One, 720 pages; Volume Two, 432 pages; Volume Three, 464 pages - plus the original program given to the audience taking part in the aktion (20 full-colour pages, cm. 21x15), plus the original full-colour folded poster of the Aktion (size cm. 84x58) and a 20 page booklet (12 x 12), numbered and signed by Nitsch, including the essay "The O.M. Theatre's Music", as well as liner notes and technical information (in German). Privately issued by Atelier Nitsch, 2005. It may seem expensive, but this is an artwork, and seen in those terms, remarkably cheap.

  NITSCH, HERMANN: Requiem fur meine Frau Beate Musik der 56. Aktion (double CD + booklet in slipcase)
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This is the first CD documentation of an event which took place in the Chiesa di Santa Lucia in Bologna, Italy in 1977, shortly after Beate Nitsch's death. Until this time Nitsch's music had essentially been a wall of noise: musicians could play anything they liked, but as loud as possible. With the Requiem Nitsch, for the first time, started to work with longer tone clusters, especially for the wind instruments. The perfect acoustics of the church with its wonderful organ suggested a new and much richer direction in his music- to which he has since adhered. 2 CDs in a tri-folded digipack - reproducing the impossible-to-find 3LP gallery edition issued in Naples in 1977. With a 12 page folded insert with drawings and directions from the original LP boxed set. This edition also includes a 32 page (shocking, for those of a sensitive nature) full-colour photo documentation of the aktion, available for the first time. Edition of 1000 copies, only 700 available for distribution.

  RODEN, STEVE: Ear(th)
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14 x 19 cm 24 page full colour exhibition catalogue documenting Roden's installation for the Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery, Pasadena. With CD of sounds from the installation. The composition is controlled by data from an earthquake and the booklet contains useful essays and explanations by Roden of this work and his work in general. Limited edition 1500.

  RODEN, STEVE: Transmissions
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From an installation at Fresno metropolitan museum. 12 colour coded tin cans hang in a room, 64 of which contain speakers playing an 8b channel soundwork, whose source was satellite recordings, processed and transformed. This is a stereo reworking of that material for CD listening. Quiet and atmospheric. Very listenable, very static. Three-fold colour digipack with pictures from the exhibition. Limited edition 1000.

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